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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Diablo Game Free Download

Diablo Game Free Download

  Game Reviews:

Are you searching for role playing action games? We have an interesting and a super hit game for you, now you download the full version of the Diablo from our website.
The developer of Diablo has so far released three games in the series for Microsoft windows, Mac OS and play station. All the three games are a super hit and greatly reviewed for 5 stars from the gamers. Now Blizzard, the developer and publisher of this series has unleashed Diablo, released back in 1996 this game combines the simplicity of an action game and the storyline of an adventure game with the personalization.

Game-Play & Features

Diablo game is basically an action role-playing hack and slash video game in which the player is controlled via mouse and keyboard. Gamers can move and interacts with the environment. Other primary functions and operations are controlled by the keyboard just like as casting the spell, lea ring spells or defeating the enemies. Even there are dedicated keys for acquiring several items.

This game is set in the world of fantasy, Sanctuary. It reflects two aspects the high heavens and the burning hells. The game focuses on the battle between the citizens of sanctuary and the evils and demons.


Once upon a time, Tristram was a peaceful town, but due to some tragedies it became a town of fear and horror, where people were left helpless with no king, no laws, and no army to defend them.
The original Diablo game story revolves around the player, who faces many hardships and challenges from Hell-spawned evil, because the player will free the state of Tristram playing through twelve levels of dungeons into Hell itself. Diablo is the evil who once ruled hell. Will the players be successful in bringing back the happiness and peace in town?

The Characters

Diablo video game has three character classes. It’s your choice whether you wanted to play as Warriors, Rogues or Sorcerers. Each of the class has its own importance in the game's history. The characters have the same general skills and access to the same spells. The characters in the world of Sanctuary are primarily humans, angels, and various classes of demons and monsters.  Various other qualities of the characters are:
Warriors are most physically strong characters, their attribute is strength.
Rogues on the other hand are A master of ranged weapons. The primary attribute is dexterity. The last character Sorcerer are A spell caster and physically weak of the three classes. Their attribute is casting a spell.

This Diablo online game has features of multi players, and now can be enjoyed by four players at a time. The screenplay is vibrant as it gives you high quality resolutions with attractive music and the series soundtrack.

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium III or AMD Athlon 1GHz Processor
64MB DirectX compatible Video Card
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 8.1
8X CD-ROM or 4X DVD-ROM Drive
3GB Hard Disk Space

Diablo Game Free Download


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