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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Spore: Galactic Adventures Download Free

Spore: Galactic Adventures Download Free
Spore: Galactic Adventures Download

 Spore: Galactic Adventures Reviews 

Spore: Galactic Adventures is an American expansion pack for Spore. It was developed by Maxis and publishers were Electronic Arts (EA).
It was released in June is a single player life simulation game introduced for Microsoft Windows. It has been reviewed positively according to It was praised for its adventure creator, which seems difficult but was player friendly.

Spore: Galactic Adventures Gameplay

Spore: Galactic Adventures game has outstanding features, you've never witnessed. The main unique and famous feature is the Adventure Creator, using which the players create various missions. The Players add elements to the adventure by using creatures into the world. Creatures, vehicles and buildings created using the game's other editors can be selected and placed throughout the world. The player can even set creatures' behaviors from a variety of behaviors i.e. aggressive to friendly also can add speech bubbles. Download Spore: Galactic Adventures where some fixed objects from the previous stages of Spore, as well as game play objects like bombs and teleporters, can be added to the game.
Spore: Galactic Adventures Mods: now the Players can take their space captains on adventures and with each adventure you have a goal to complete. Choose from variety of adventures such as saving a planet from the Grox or helping a famous pop star get to his show on time. The competition of each adventure awards the space captain experience points.
Add Your Favorites: Players can select a range of special effects and drop them into the level. Players can now add sounds of their own choice too.
Select Your Tools: the game pack includes the Captain Outfitter, which allow players to modify their Space stage creatures by giving them different social tools, weapons, and gear.

Minimum System Requirements
Processor: 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent.
RAM: 512 MB (768 MB for Vista)
Video Memory: 128 MB video card (Pixel Shader 2.0 support)
Only supplied on DVD?: Yes
Hard Drive Space: 6 GB
Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista
DirectX Version: 9.0c 

Spore: Galactic Adventures Download Free


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