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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Download Need For Speed High Stakes PC Game

Download Need For Speed High Stakes PC Game

Need For Speed High Stakes Game Reviews 

Need for Speed PC game is one of the most rated series among the car racing games. One of its tittle 'High Stakes' was released in March 18, 1999. It was developed by EA Canada and EA Seattle. The publisher is Electronics Art. This Game can run on PlayStation and Microsoft Windows

Need For Speed High Stakes Gameplay

The Need for Speed: High Stakes is a thrilling Car Racing Game which has gain a great fame and popularity over the social media.

Exciting properties: There are so many exciting and rocking facets of the game which inspire and convince the minds to play the game.

New and Classy Cars
The cars are modernized upgraded and newly launched in the market. These cars may include Supercars and Roadstars.

Highly Standardized Music
In this version a Hi Fi music is launched which a bit different from the other tittles of the series. The Electronic Music is inducted along with somehow pursuit music.

The Perfect Race Track
Now introducing TEN racing Tracks provided with the needed facilities and required accessories. You may also find the older race tracks in the version.

Need For Speed High Stakes Mode
There are two important modes of the game
•Tournament ( Simply a series of car racing)
•Special Events ( A bit upgraded Racing with conditional differences)

The Career Mode is a bit different from the other modes. This Mode is also sub divided into further sub divisions. It is a tough competition which can be for the car or for the dignity of the racer.

Track Changes to Battle Field
In the Career Mode two players have a duel like race to win the other's car which is on the bet. The condition is that, both the players should have two cars. The winner gets the loser's car immediately.

Damage Repair
If the car is damaged then a repair system is there to repair it and make it compatible to race through the track. It may charge money on it repair in some of the modes.

Benefits of Winning The Races
On winning a tournament the player is granted with cash which is used in the repair and upgrade of the older car or it helps the player to purchase a new one.

There you are going to have a biggest race ever. So, download need for speed high stakes full version free and get prepared for the new and bigger blast this time. Have fun with the high speed race.

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 98/XP
200MHz or faster Intel Pentium, Cyrix 6x86, or AMD K6 processor without a 3D card
4X CD-ROM drive (600K/second transfer rate using 32-bit WIndows 95/98 CD-ROM driver)
DirectX 7.0a compatible sound card with DirectSound support
High Color capable 2MB PCI or AGP video card with DirectDraw compatible driver
50MB free hard disk space

Download Need For Speed High Stakes PC Game


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