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Friday, 15 August 2014

Delta Force: Land Warrior PC Game Free Download

Delta Force: Land Warrior PC Game Free Download

Delta Force: Land Warrior Game Reviews 

Released in 2000, the third game in the Delta Force series, which is developed by NovaLogic and published by NovaLogic (U.S.). The designer of the game is Wes Eckhart.
It is a tactical first person shooter video game.

In The mysterious location of Egypt, the story begins with the rescue in the great pyramids of Giza. Truth revealed was the terrorists involved were from the armed people’s front (APF).
The Delta seizes weapons caches at a dig site in Western Egypt and is led to the APF's leader, Meinhard Kreider, who was captured in a raid on his fortress. The story revolves around different terrorist attacks and weapons and drugs illegal shipments.

Delta Force: Land Warrior Gameplay:

The delta force: land warriors features 30 new missions. Different interesting and amazing locations like Africa, Indonesia, Western Egypt and South Africa are featured. Multiplayer feature of this game allows up to 50 players to take part in the game. Different modes are death match, team death match, King of the gill, capture the flag and flag ball.
New objectives are also introduced in this mission, helicopter and parachute facilities are provided to the players. When on the ground, the players can then easily navigate the site through a use of maps. Map editor feature helps the players to create and to modify the maps. Download Delta Force: Land Warrior to experience the real force game and achieve the task as soldier.

Minimum System Requirements
Video Card: 32 Mb 3d
Cpu: 1.0 Ghz
Ram: 128 Mb
Hard: 200 Mb Free

Delta Force: Land Warrior PC Game Free Download


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