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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

WWE SmackDown VS Raw PS3 Game

WWE SmackDown VS Raw PS3 Game

Game Reviews: 
Have you ever been to the wrestling ring? Have you ever experienced the taste to watch it live? No? Don't worry we are here for you to show you the great wrestling series and championship matches. Get ready for the exciting journey to the Raw and Smack down. The greatest wrestling championships ever. They are the two different wrestling championships but their celebrities can compete each other. When the managers assign the superstars of the particular series to fight the member of opponent series they are confined to do so.This also depends on people's own field of interest that they support Smack down or Raw.

On the great public demand the video game and PS3 games are also designed for the people who want to fight but of course they cannot because the wrestling stars are professionally trained performers. The WWE wrestling championship series is world famous that's why a latest version is designed regarding it to make people more energetic.SMACKDOWN VERSUS RAW is the sixth game of the series. It was released in November, 2004. It was developed by Yoke’s and published by THQ and Yoke’s. Its Genre is Professional wrestling and fighting. The fans of wrestling are found all round the globe so there is a great fan following to WWE whether in the ring or in the video game.

The game has so many features which are required to have a great and interesting wrestling match and the best part is that you can be one of your favorite celebrity and superstar in the game and fight against the fighter whom you want to defeat. There are some of the interesting features mentioned in our discussion so that you would be familiar with one of your favorite games.

Improved Graphics:
 There are new and improved graphics designed to create an impact related to the fighting mode. That’s why the fighters get the strong and energetic mode to pull down the opponent.

Superstars Voice Touch: 
The original voices are supposed to be inserted in the game so that you can think of the real match and live fighting.

New methods and modes of commentary are downloaded and designed to motivate the fighting spirit and to create satisfied environment.

 New Modes: 
New fighting modes provided according to your choice of match .Modifications are made to make the match more interesting and something different from the real one avoiding the boring mode ending the game all with mess.

WWE SmackDown VS Raw PS3 Game


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