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Sunday, 6 July 2014

WWE 13 PS3 Game

WWE 13 PS3 Game
WWE 13 PS3 Game

Game Reviews: 
The world famous championship is on the platform to show you the realistic champion's spirit. Do you want to know more about this championship?? Are there any guesses? Yes we are talking about the great American wrestling championship WWE. Everyone is familiar with this championship of course. This all about the thrilling fight of the WWE superstars.You have seen them on the screens but have you ever experienced to be the wrestling superstar yourself? No? Don't worry the WWE 13 PS3 game is giving you a chance to be the superstar and win the championship against the wrestler of your choice.

The thrilling and brain blasting game "WWE 13" PS3 is published by "THQ former" and developed by "Yuke's". Its Genre is "Professional wrestling". The name of the series is "WWE 2K". It was released in October 30, 2012. Its cover photo is illustrated with the great wrestling champion "CM Punk" giving it an extraordinary touch. This is one of the great series of WWE 2k nominated in the "Spike Video". All of the WWE fans are looking forward for the new tittle of the series but the latest tittle is quite better than last tittle. There are certain new and exciting features in which viewers are interested to have. So, stepping ahead we are putting a glance over the main features of the game. Some of them are discussed here.

The Background
An attractive background is setup to fix the wrestling mode and to tie up the mood of fight more and higher.

Favorite Superstars
Your favorite superstars are added in the new version also their performance is more satisfactory then before.

New Moves
New moves are attained by the wrestlers to have a greater punch of a Hi Fi fight. These moves can be easily used against the great wrestlers.

Improved Sounds Effects
The new and modernized sound effects are induced to give thrilling sound effects in the fight to set the mode.

Voice of Superstars
Original voice touches of superstars are inserted in order to provide new characteristic features and original touch.

So, let's start the grand wrestling championship of the season and win the match with the great reward!

Minimum System Requirements:
Single-core CPU with 2 GHz
• 512 MiByte RAM
• DirectX 8.1 graphics card with 64 MiByte VRAM 

WWE 13 PS3 Game


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