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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Mafia War 2 Free PC Game

The Mafia War 2 Free PC Game
The Mafia War 2 Free PC Game

Game Reviews: 
Have you ever experience being a gangster? We know your answer is "Not at all!!" But sometimes when we are seriously disturbed by any of the issues of life all of us think to kill to do something aggressive but we cannot do so. But sometime it is better to be aggressive to satisfy your internal depression and to feel relax but only in the condition that no one is getting harmed by you. This is also a need of life to express your frustration on someone when you are angry but it is not good to be aggressive to a person who has no fault. So, what to? Don’t you worry every problem has a solution with it.

The solution is that you can relax your aggression by expressing your frustration by playing an aggressive video game so that no one is harmed by you or your aggression. Now, you need some suggestions of games to play that include rivalry, opposition, jealousy, murders and other harmful things for the opposition so, do have a look over one of the most aggressive game "Mafia war 2".The game is all about to fight anytime whether there is a need or not and you may say the opponents have a meaningless rivalry all round the clock.

The game was developed and published by "Zynga"on the PC, Mac OS, iPhone, mobile phone and other internet connection devices. Its Genre is "Role Playing and "Casual”. It was released in October, 2009 and it was People's voice Winner in.the same year. Now, before choosing a gem you must want to the features of the game so that you would come to know whether the game is of your interest or not? So, here are some of the features discussed below in our discussion.

Famous cities are included in the game including America, New York, Bangkok, Cuba, Brazil, Moscow, and Chicago, Italy. These cities create a sense of importance being civilized and well known nations so, attract people to have these cities in the gameplay.

The background of the game is designed by taking into regard a typical gang statistic concept. So, the sense of opposition to a gangster may develop.

The game has designated eight districts including Casino Row, Granite square, Boxer Island, Bluebird Meows and four others.

The most powerful player wins in the fight as happens in the real Mafia gang wars. The strategy used for the opponent is quite different so making the fight liable to the players that boost their original mafia spirit outside.

A fixed stamina is provided to each player after which that player starts to become weak and his health is seriously affected.

Assigned Tasks
The players need to perform specified tasks to which they are asked to get the higher scores and they do their jobs to achieve the high position and power in the game.

Fighting Elements
The fighting elements provided in the game may include guns, vehicles, armory, animals and certain other weapons which make the war more dangerous and blood full.

The players are granted with rewards when they complete the tasks assigned to them. These rewards may include high scores, up gradation, high status, power and so on.

In the game the player can rob the property of the opposition. This is a source of harming the opponent and to release the aggression as by making the opponent weak due to loss of assets.

Bonus Districts
There is an unlock bonus district in the game which is a surprise or you may take it as a reward. It is unlocked for fifteen minutes during the game and its name is "Johannesburg".

The game was legally criticized for being copying from a similar gam but it was exactly not some changes were made and edited changes made the game different from that.

Minimum System Requirements:
Cpu:1.0 Ghz
Windows Xp,7,Vista
Ram: 128 Mb
Video Memory: thirty two Mb
Hard: 1 Gb 

The Mafia War 2 Free PC Game


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