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Friday, 4 July 2014

Tale of Monkey Island Game

Tale of Monkey Island Game
Tale of Monkey Island Game

Tale of Monkey Island PC

Game Reviews: 
In the world of games there are many varieties in the market with the exciting creativity. The children are interested in the Winnie pooh games or the monkey pinky games. These are soft games that activate their minds that point their neutral aspects of life. This is the way that we can stop deflecting the minds of our children to the negative turn.

In these neutral games one of the most exciting games is "Tales of Monkey Island". This game is developed by “Telltale Games “and published by the "LusacsArts".Its main designer and writer is "Mark Darin”. Its Genre is "Graphic adventure". The series name is “Monkey Island". The game is all about the adventure to find the treasure.

The game has funny and interesting features within it. These features motivate children to play the game. So, have some overview of these exciting features.

The Island
A beautiful island is designed in the game having eye capturing views and mind refreshing sceneries. A great and cool jungle represents the natural view to create little bit vacations effect when you are in holidays and you are on trip to find the treasure.

Treasure Hunt
The game is based upon the task like an adventure to find the treasure out. The monkeys in the story play a funny role to make the game full of fun and life.

Graphic Adventures
It is especially designed graphics adventurous game which gives the views more stability and make them more natural.

3-D View
All the views are three dimensional making it full of fun and joy. As all the adventures are full of enjoyment so they become great source of happiness.

Long Duration
As adventures are of long duration they cannot be completed in short time period so in spite of that a long time period is provided to enjoy the moment full of life.

There are hints provided in the game for the ease of the players so that they would be able to complete the given tasks for the time being.

So, are you going to the island of monkeys to find the treasure in your holidays? It’s very easy, just download the game and start the biggest adventure ever!!

Minimum System Requirements:
Single-core CPU with 2 GHz
• 512 MiByte RAM
• DirectX 8.1 graphics card with 64 MiByte VRAM 

Tale of Monkey Island Game


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