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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Medal of Honor WarFighter PS3 Game

Medal of Honor WarFighter PS3 Game
Medal of Honor WarFighter PS3 Game

Game Reviews: 
What do you think about the current position of the world? Do you think it’s safe and free from danger? Yes, it is and no, it’s exactly not. Now you are a little bit confused with diplomatic answer but it’s true that we still don't have a proper idea that in what position we are living? And the brainstorming part is that we don’t care what is going on? Isn't that so? Yes, it is but an exciting video game is right here for you to make an estimate calculation that in which position are we?

This is a game related to warfighters. Its series name is "Medal of Honor". The tittle of this game was released in October 23, 2013. Its publisher is "Electronics Art" and it is designed by "Dayer close games". Its Genre is "First person shooter". The game is all about war and the war fighters who would fight in the war.

As the name indicates there are warfighters in the game who fight and sacrifice their life to save their cause and target in this regard they get the noble designation according to their achievements. They get Medal of Honor which they truly deserve. This game is characterized by war features including modern techniques and advancements. Some of the features are mentioned below.

Single Player Campaign
This means one player can play the game at a time and he has the hold over the war fight. This war fight includes many deaths and a huge amount of blood will flow out as occurs in a typical war.

New Weapons
Strong advanced and explosive material is used in the warfare increasing the standard and intensity of the war. This includes bombs, canons, guns, pistols and others.

Great Warfare
A great war is set up here in which many groups would face off. This may include nations or the countries against which the great war splatted up.

Multiplayer Mode
Except single player campaign, a multiplayer mode is also a distinguishing feature. You can select multiplayer mode and play the game with your friends, family and strangers.

The game can easily be downloaded on PS3 and PC Game, so go and get the greatest war fighters tittle. This is the great fun to be a solider and to fight the biggest warfare.

Minimum System Requirements:
Single-core CPU with 2 GHz
• 512 MiByte RAM
• DirectX 8.1 graphics card with 64 MiByte VRAM 

Medal of Honor WarFighter PS3 Game


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