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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Left 4 Dead 2 PS3 GAME

Left 4 Dead 2 PS3 GAME

Left 4 Dead 2 Game Review 

This is the first person shooter video game. It is one of the award winning series. This installment was released in November17, 2009. This was developed and published by Valve Corporation. Also, Turtle Rock Studios contributed towards developing. The game was designed by Mike Booth. It was written by Chet Faliszek and composed by Mike Morasky.

The game was distributed through Steam and Electronics Art. The Engine "Source" was used in this regard. And the platforms on which it was released were Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, OS X and Linux. Its Genre is First person shooter and Survival horror. The distribution got through Optical disc and download Left 4 Dead 2.

Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay

Backdrop Behind The Scene
Left 4 Dead 2 full version PS3 game is based upon co-operative gameplay having first person shooter game mode. It is somehow related to the previous installments.

Storyline At The Edge
The game is designed on the basis of a dangerous infection Green Flu which spread all round the game. The Zombie like creatures are victims of that infection.

Attributes of The Storyline
There are too main attributes of the storyline regarding the version of the game, these are discussed below in perspective.

Contemporary Campaigns
In the version there are five contemporary campaigns incited. And each of these campaigns are further divided into five more levels.

Levels Under Discussion
The sub divided levels designed in the campaigns are designated as Maps.

Modes Assigned
Special Modes

Left 4 Dead 2 MODE

The mode infected has too much to have a discussion over it. In this mode a special type of international infection 'Green Flu' is used to produce infection. This mode has three sub levels also:

Common infected
They are separately weak and not strong but the compelled each other to be strong power altogether.

Uncommon Infected 
They do not show a team work except in some conditions but they are unique to their work.

Special Infected
They are too dangerous producing a horror effect over the minds of the players.

The Sub Divisions of Special Infected Mode:
The mode has five special features which explain them clearly;

The new ones for the new version

We haven’t discuss all the facets till now because there are much more features which are out to handle. Now go and experience Left 4 Dead 2 free by your own PS3.

Left 4 Dead 2 PS3 GAME


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