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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Euro Truck Simulator 2 PC Game

Euro Truck Simulator 2 PC Game
Euro Truck Simulator 2 PS3

Game Reviews: 
The game Euro Truck simulator 2 is one of the biggest games of the year which made a great influence over the players and fans. It was released in October 19, 2012 and in January 16, 2013 at different platforms. It was developed and published by SCS Software. The name of series is Euro Truck simulator. Its engine is Prism 3D. Its Genres is Vehicle simulation game. It was distributed by DVD and digital download. This PC game has different features which are mind captive and motivating. Let's roam up on some of them.

Some of the best locations are set up in the game which really mean to be exciting regarding their beauty and also it is a great adventure and a fun to visit these locations. These locations may include Austria, Belgium, Czech, Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

There are different jobs assigned to the players which may include delivery of cargo to different companies. This is an important job regarding trucks because most of the truck drivers have been doing the same jobs.

Other Countries
The trucks may also visit other countries in order to take their consignment abroad and expanding their business out of country also

Source of Excitement
The players who love to visit different countries regarding their jobs they would really enjoy the game because this is relating their passion to their jobs whether in real life or in the game.

Trucks Design
The new and latest models of trucks are designed according to modern era so that the modulating speed and thrilling driving experience would turn the drivers crazy about to drive them like as you are really driving the heavy truck.

New Features of Trucks
The trucks are slightly different this time because there are some amendments made in this version which are newer and better than previous one. As, for example, the new flash lights, new wipers, new horns and so on.

High Scores
The more score you would get the more precisely and the more frequently you would complete the task. This of course means you need to deliver the cargo on time without any breakage and to the company you are asked to deliver that.

Earn Money
When you have completed a task on time with all the requirements, you are graced with some money so that you can buy fuel for your truck and also you can spend it on the maintenance of your vehicle.

Win The Game
When a cargo is delivered to the assigned companies with the asked requirements, you will win the game earning high scores and huge amount of money for your favorite trucks. The cargo is waiting for you to deliver it. Where are you? Go and get the job completed on time on your PC by downloading it free!!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 PC Game


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