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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dead Rising 2 PS3 Game

Dead Rising 2 PS3 Game

Dead Rising 2 Game Reviews 

There are some horror video games which people like and promote to play, which might attack the soft minds of children, as most of the children are afraid of the video games but taking a positive point into regard every person has a negative character inside which he needs to conquer so that his positive abilities may rise and become prominent.

Dead Rising 2 PS3 released in September, 2010. It was developed by Blue Castle Games and published by Capcom. It was produced by Keiji Inafune. Its series name is Dead Rising. Platforms may be PS3, Xbox 360 and MS Windows. Its Genre is Survival horror.

The game is the way to have refreshment and also a way to have brain drill. There are several ways to have brain inversion like to have the escape from horror or to fight with the unknown or unusual creatures. This may include a spirit or a dead person like a Zombie.

Dead Rising 2 Gamplay

As the name indicates there are Zombies scattered all round the screen. This may include the 7000 Zombies emerge at a time. These Zombies give the game a strong horror effect to the scene.

There are several varieties of weapons designed in the game which help the player to fight against the Zombies. These are the specialized weapons which are assigned to kill them. As there is mentioned in many of the literatures that they are killed by gun shots.  These weapons are scattered in the maintenance room.

Unlock Combo Cards
The Combo cards are specially designed in the game which may have the assigned mode to represent or to reveal the weapons.

Online Mode
The game has a different online mode which may have a characteristic point to play as a team assertion.

Multiplayer Option
There is also a multiplayer option in the game which may have a coordinative mode to make the game more interesting.

Dead Rising 2 PS3 Game


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