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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Counter Strike 1.6 Non Steam Free Download

Counter Strike 1.6 Non Steam Free Download
Counter Strike 1.6 Non Steam Free Download

Game Reviews: 
There is a big bash of new games in the market. Certain varieties have emerged with new ideas. These varieties consistently include fighting games for young boys because girls are interested in dolls and babies so video and PC games are especially designed for young boys creating a greater impact of that towards the young generation. But it is necessary to choose a suitable fighting game for young ones to obstacle the negativity prevailing their minds. All these things need to be determined when the game is designed. So, the developer of the games are trusted to develop the best one regarding each and every aspect.

Well known developers are known well for their better designing. Let's talk about the shooting games in which players fight by guns and other weapons. “COUNTER STRIKE 1.6 ON STEAM" is one of them. Counter strike 1.6 on steam was released on February 21, 2013 developed and published by "Value Corporation" and its Genre is "First person shooter". Its series name is "Counter strike". It was first release in June 1999 and still brand new modifications are being developed. This is a game based on fighting between two teams one team is terrorist and other is anti-terrorist.

There are certain exciting features in the game which provide player a medium to fight against good or bad according to their school of thoughts. Every new series is better than before with fascinating features. Let's have a thorough glance over the features of the game.

Latest background:
There is a great and interesting background which is enough to create the fighting mode and to tie up the courageous spirit. All the views of background create an atmosphere of terror and an opposition to nip it.

Two Teams:
The whole game and all the players are divided into two teams, one is hero team and other is villain. The villains will destroy the city and they would murder the people and the heroes will fight and strive to save their city by killing the opponents.

Different tasks are assigned in this series. These takes would include killing the enemies or other match objectives are asked to achieve. These tasks are really motivating which drive the player in the fighting zone.

Thrilling sound effects:
Shocking and thrilling sound effects are designed in this series which are new and modified and also better than previous series.

Modern and exciting weapons are designed including guns, bombs, fire shots and others. These are very unique weapons slightly different from the real ones but really interesting for gun lovers.

There is a link provided to download the game with the ease.

So, what are you waiting for go and experience the great sense of being anti-terrorist unit!!

Minimum System Requirements:
Minimum: 500 mhz processor
96mb ram
16mb video card
Windows 2000/XP/ME/SE
Mouse, Keyboard
Internet Connection

Download Link:

Counter Strike 1.6 Non Steam Free Download


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