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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Call of Duty Modern Warfare PS3 Game

Call of Duty Modern Warfare PS3 Game
Call of Duty Modern Warfare PS3

Game Reviews: 
The games related to wars have been so useful to the people who are interested in the information of military training and its discipline. The sense of enthusiasm to be a warfighter is somehow different. Taking warfighter games into regard let's have a detailed discussion on it.

Call of duty: Modern warfare 3 was released in November, 2011. It was developed by Infinity word and Sledge Hammer Games. Designed by Calvin Smith, Michael Condrey and composed by Brian Tyler. It was written by Paul Hagis and Will Staples and its producers are Mark Rubin and Jasen Ades. Published by Activision Square Enix. The engine used is MWS Engine. The platforms is MS Windows, PS 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Its genre is First person shooter. There are some important features which should be uncovered to really understand the basic theme of this PS3 game and the reason to design that.

Theme Behind The Scene
It is a modified type of warfare in which the players pretend to perform several duties during Single player mode. These duties depend on the game.

Number of Acts
In the game there are three different missions set up which are known as Acts. These acts may include different tasks.

Health Degeneration
There is a proper scale meter to show the health of the player if the player gets hurt, the measure of degeneration of his health is displayed to take the safety precautions.

Health Regeneration 
The health once degenerated again recovers even in the game also. So, the health meter rising up is also displayed on the measuring bar of the game screen.

Protective Shields
The shields are specially designed in the game which provide safety precautions from severe injury also from immediate attacks.

Missions Designated
The players need to complete the assigned tasks so that the score is raised in the war fight and the warfighters make the game more fight full. These missions may include elimination of enemies, bomb explosions and others.

Special Modes
The special mode induced in the game is the "Survival" mode. In this mode there are endless enemies in the game and the opponents or the warfighters may one or two in number.

Multiplayer Modes
Point streak rewards is a special multiplayer mode in which they are organized into three strike packages. They are Assault, Support and Specialist.

Unlocking Mode
There are locked contents are also present in the game which may be unlocked when you pass different levels of the game and by getting higher scores.

New Modes
They may also include new and improved modes like Kill confirmed, Team Definer and Private match. These modes may add the spice and crunch in the flavor.

Older Modes
There are also older modes present which were present in the previous versions and now are reinforced in this version again but with some new modifications.

The game ends when the player or the team has achieved all the goals and it has completed all the assigned tasks. Also all the enemies are dead in the warfare would decide the favor of the game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare PS3 Game


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