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Monday, 14 July 2014

Call of Duty: Black Oops II PS3 Game

Call of Duty: Black Oops II PS3 Game

Game Reviews: 
The series Call of duty had presented a new tittle in the market. The tittle is Black oops 2. The game released in November, 2012. Its genre is First person shooter. It is developed by Trey arch and published by Activation Square Enid. Its writer is David S. Goyer and it is directed by Dave Anthony. It is composed by Jack Wall and Trent Reznor. The engine is Black oops II engine. It is distributed by Blu ray disc, DVD and download. The mods are two in numbers single player and multiplayer modes on PS3.

The series Call of duty has commonly similar features in most of its tittles as happens in other series also but there must be some distinguishing features present in the tittle. The distinguishing features includes:

Game at a Glance
The game has a proper theme of Japanese background which is designed according to the basic aim of future technologies of warfare in which it is the ninth game of the series and all the latest technologies have been induced in the game.

The game has two single player campaigns that are inter connected to each other. These two campaigns are designated as cold war one and the second is cold war two.

3D Display
The game gives a three dimensional view of the fights making your fight full of life and you would definitely feel the real spirit of the game instead of playing it unreal.

Strike Force Missions
The missions designed in the game are named as strike force missions. They can be failed or you can be succeeded in them but it may depend on the initial condition and modification of game.

Weapons In The Warfare
The weapons designed for you, are really helpful to complete the mission at the edge. Also there are some extra weapons provided like aerial vehicles, jets and others.

The special effects may include the zombie. Thee zombies are the dead men which have external forces other than life. They may be dangerous for you if you don't kill them. They are killed by gun shots as described in other literatures also.

Zombie’s Maps
There are maps designed to guide you to the right track. But the problem is that they are buried and you need to find them out.

When all the missions are completed and the opponents are dead in the fight against the enemies so, the points would determine the result of the warfare and the winner would be declared the living one or the game may be lost if you are unable to achieve the task.

Let's start the warfare with the dangerous weapons and kill the enemies and don't forget the zombies dear they are waiting for you leaning behind the wall.

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Call of Duty: Black Oops II PS3 Game


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