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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Barbie Beach Vacation Game

Barbie Beach Vacation Game

Game Reviews: 
Barbie is all time favorite doll for girls. Everyone knows Barbie is a sweetest and cutest Barbie doll forever. Barbie is basically a fictitious character of cartoons and certain movies. Barbie is a beautifully dressed Barbie doll which fascinates people towards herself. She has beautiful blue eyes and long golden hairs with beautiful jewelry. There are also many games published regarding   Barbie, the greatest doll.

One of the cutest games is "Barbie beach vacation". The game is designed to have   beach party during vacations. Isn't a good news for all the cute little girls? Yes of course. Do you know more about the game. We are here to tell you the details. The game was   released on December 3, 2001. Published by "Vivendi games" and developed by "Sidhhe". Its Genre is "Adventure".

Here are some exciting features of the game. There are much more but we are discussing here some of them.

Beautiful Beach:
A beautiful each is set in the game for making the environment so calm and attractive.

Beach Party:
All the arrangements are made for you to do party with your friends and enjoy.

Cute Dresses:  
Here you can get beautiful and cute dresses for designed according to the tuned mode for the party.

Sand Castles:
At the beach there is of no use when you go there and do not make sand castles. So, facility to make send castles is also provided making the game more joy full.

Fantastic Music:
There is a great and blasted music set for the party to make it more great and full of fun.

This is not enough there is a much bigger blast waiting for you at the beach. So, download the game and start the party during your vacation at beach. Enjoy more!!

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/2000/Me
Pentium 233MHz or faster
12X CD-ROM drive
64MB RAM for Windows 2000
95MB hard drive space available
16-bit color graphics at 640x480 resolution
16-bit Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card

Download Link:

Barbie Beach Vacation Game


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