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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Angry Birds: Space Free Download

Angry Birds: Space Free Download

Angry Birds: Space Game Reviews 

Angry Birds: Space PC was developed by Rovio Entertainment and published by Chilling and Rovio Entertainment. It was produced by Raine and Harro and Mikko.It was designed by Jaakko Lisalo. The programmers are Tuomo Lehitinen, Miikka Virtanen, Anttii, Atte, Mika, Macro and Kari. The artists are Tuomos Erikoinen, Miisa Lopperi and Joonas.

 Angry Birds: Space game was released in March 22, 2012. on so many platforms like Windows, WebGL, Google Plus, Google Chrome,Bada Roku, Mac OS X, Blackberry 10. It Genre is Puzzle. The mode is Single player it was composed by Ari Pulkkinen. The engines used were SDL and Box2d.

Angry Birds: Space Walkthrough

The storyline is basically based upon the birds which are targeted to hit the assigned objects. These birds are scattered in the whole game which may allow all the gameplay excitingly.

Angry Birds: Space Gameplay
• The game is designed with the main theme of space in the background.
• There you will have new modes with new planets.
• The planets are now fluctuated with specified amount of gravitational field.
• There is specified trajectory produced in the launch of birds. This is amended in the version.
• The birds are targeted to different objects assigned in task to get completed.
• There are some bubbles inserted in the game in which different animals like small pigs are induced.
• These pigs are also targeted later on in the game

Download Angry Birds: Space to experience the most exciting game on your PC and you can play online as well.

Angry Birds: Space System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
1.0GHz CPU
150MB Hard Drive Space
Any OpenGl 1.3 Compatible Graphics Device

Angry Birds: Space Free Download


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