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The American Army is one of the great armies of the world as we all know that very well. Many of the people are inspired of the army. The interested people want to be army man themselves. So, in the service of that type of people games regarding army are brought to them. One the army relating PC games is America's army 3.

The game was developed and designed by United States Army. Its Engine is Unreal Engine 3 (v 4.0). The game was released in July 4 200. It has been released on different platforms till now. The platforms are Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Its genre is Tactical first person shooter. It has two modes training and online multiplayer modes. The characteristic features of the game are described below for you to have an overview on it.

Game at a Glance
The game was designed by Colonel Carey Wardynski when he was in the United States army. He designed the game inspire of the fact that the common people would be able to know the circumstances, which the army people may face, during their tough drill.

The game has two special modes as mentioned above. One of them is online multiplayer mode in which you may play it online against friends or unknown players. And the other is training mode in which the players are trained for different tasks and drills according to the rules of American army.

Medical Training
The first aid training is given to the players pretending to be the soldiers. As if one of them is injured so they may be able to give the first aid like stoppage of bleeding and treating initial shock.

Military Training
The players are treated as soldiers in the game and they are trained as military officers are. They are guided about all the special methods and steps to be taken when in danger.

The soldiers are especially trained to be independent. They make their own decisions and their own way to get out of the danger by brilliantly facing it off.

There are several different rounds according to designed levels. When one team complete its tasks it wins that particular round.

Winning Team
Two teams are fighting over one another but the winner would be the team which would entirely defeat the opposite team or the team which would complete all the given tasks.

If it happens like that both the teams are dead or both of them are not able to complete the given tasks then the game would be decided as tie.

Other Accounts
You can also have other small accounts while playing the game for example, the game has links to American Army, and there is also an option to view news and certain others.

The army needs the soldiers like you so, be an army officer and get trained as the best military officer of the world. Be proud to be a solider by getting into the fight for the defense of your state.

Minimum System Requirements:
128 megabytes (MB) of RAM
Approximately 1.5 gigabytes (GB) of available hard-disk space
16 MB 3D video card is required; 32 MB video card is recommended
DirectX 8.0-compatible sound card with speakers or headphones
Multimedia computer with a Pentium 450 megahertz (MHz)-or-higher processor



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