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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Age of Empire Game

Age of Empire Game
Age of Empire Game

Game Review:
In our young generation every young boy wants to be a warrior himself .So, they needed a platform to perform like a great warrior to be energetic and to save their empire from the opponents who are dangerous to their empire. Keeping this into account, many video games regarding this concept are developed and designed in the market. One of them is "Age of empire" which is quite interesting and one of the most searched games on play store.

The game is related to world warriors who save the world from dangerous enemies. As we have the concept of remote past warriors they wore war dresses which were made of iron which served as protective shield against the opponents. All these characteristic features are included in the game to give the players a touching effect of Great War against the enemies of the empire.

Age of empire is a great concept which first emerged in the market on October 15, 1997. It was developed by "Ensemble Studios" along with "Big huge games" and "Robot entertainment”. Its publishers are "Microsoft Game Studios”. Genres included "Real time strategy”. The game has seven tittles which are released in the market. The second tittle won the award for being the best game of the series. It has three spins off also. Age of mythology is of great importance because it got great fame. Its latest tittle released on November 7, 2013 which was named "Age of empire II: The Forgotten”.

This exciting game has certain features for you to check out. Twenty million copies of single tittle have been sold out. THz events of this game revolve around Europe, Asia and Africa. Also the terrific caste is induced including real and factious characters. The story is basically about the war between positive and negative powers so, you know positive always wins. Some great features of this game given below.

Twelve Civilizations:
There are 12 different civilizations mentioned in the game from the stone age to the iron age having four different stages of the game relating the ancient age of empire.

The player playing the game has the opportunity to be the leader of the game. The latest interesting feature of the game.

New Technologies:
New technologies are attained to give modification touch to the game while it is the game regarding remote past era.

Single Player Campaign:
There are four single player campaigns designed to achieve the active mode of the game. The game for the time being has become the more highly rated tittle of the series.

Assigned Objectives:
There are different tasks and objectives assigned in this game to achieve the high score and to defeat the enemy.

Random Maps:
Every stage of the game has the ability to generate a new map for the next task and to discover the new area in order to avoid the game to fall in the boring mode.

Interesting Buildings:
Modified buildings newer than before are inserted in the game to give a little bit more ancient touch to absorb the remote past view in the game.

Egyptian Pyramids:
There are beautiful pyramids are also included when the game revolves around Egypt because it is revolving round twelve different civilizations.

PC and Pocket Game:
The game was first PC game and then it was converted to pocket game on its great success and increasing public demand.

Minimum System Requirement:
Pentium 90 processor or faster (P-133+ for 1024 x 768 resolution)
SVGA with 1 MB RAM
fast 2D graphics card (2 MB required for 1024 x 768)
Win 95 or Win NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3
80+ MB HD space (together with the swap file, it's up to 150 MB)
50 MB HD space for swap file (you might have to adjust the settings in the control panel)
Double speed CD-ROM (quad speed recommended)
MS/Logitech Mouse or compatible
sound card for audio
28.8 kbps modem for internet play

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Age of Empire Game


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