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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Age of Empire 3 PC Game

Age of Empire 3 PC Game
Age of Empire 3 PC Game

Game Reviews: 
Age of empire is a very popular game which doesn't require any introduction. The great series AGE OF EMPIRE which sold out millions of its copies yet and collected a huge amount of appreciation and favorable reviews. This visva very big series having seven tittles and the greatness of the series is determined by the award which was achieved by the second tittle of the series. After the award achieving tittle the next tittle was Age of empire 3. The designers and publishers of the game deserved that award as the game had the characteristics to convince people to be the best one.

The fans were anxiously awaiting for the next tittle also it received good fame and will by the public. The game was developed by Ensemble Studios (original), Macsoft (ported Game and updates), Robot Entertainment (updates). The publishers are Microsoft Games Studios. It is designed by Bruce Shelley and its Genre is Real Time Strategy. It was released in October 18, 2005. The Engine is Modified BANG Engine and the platforms are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Windows mobile, and N Gage. The attracting features of this game would automatically appeal the players to play the game and to experience the contents having fun.

The game has the most interesting features because it is all about to save the empire from the negative powers and all the enemies who want to harm the state. It may develops the great source of heroism in the people whether a young one, a teenager or an adult. The features cannot be estimated overall but we are trying to tell you some.

An imperial state is beautifully designed to give the game a characteristic feature of old Stone Age but imperialism is of great importance in the set up.

European Civilizations 
There are eight European civilizations designed in the game so that the player may play with eight different civilizations. Now, you have a chance to play with your favorite civilization.

Map Exploration
There is a task to explore the map. When they explore the map then the building of extra units is initiated which help them later on in the game. This is another attractive feature of the game.

Building Units
Different building units are constructed by the players by which they can get the earning points. As mentioned above, these points would later on help in the gameplay.

Shipment Cards
The points earn due to different actions like making building units, killing enemies units, and then help making players getting the shipment cards.

These shipment cards will then help the players to return to their homes by the shipments designed for special tasks.

Levels of Game
There are different levels of games each successive level is more difficult to pass on than the previous one. The levels are above fifty in numbers.

It seems to be the great tittle so, get on this and start saving your empire and also the empire of your own choice.

Minimum System Requirements:
Cpu:1.0 Ghz
Windows Xp,7,Vista
Ram: 128 Mb
Video Memory: thirty two Mb
Hard: 1.3 Gb 

Age of Empire 3 PC Game


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